DuoProCeram terrace tiles

Grubości płyt tarasowych | DuoProCeram 4cm | 2Drive 5cm | Płyta ceramiczna 2 cm

DuoProCeram terrace tiles are a unique combination of the best features of composite and stoneware ceramics.

Impressive design, high slip resistance (R11) ensuring the safety of users, as well as dirt resistance and ease of cleaning are all features of the ceramics that are particularly popular with users. Designed and manufactured in Poland, the ceramic tiles form the top layer of DuoProCeram, providing a striking finish to the designed space and trouble-free use in all weather conditions.

The SilCrumb composite, developed by our R&D department, provides DuoProCeram panels with a solid foundation. The bottom layer is characterised by high durability, frost resistance and water permeability. The use of chalcedonite has a positive effect on the mechanical parameters, extending the service life of the terrace, driveway or pavement. The weight of the tiles allows them to be laid on a compacted substrate and prevents them from buckling.

The ceramic slab and the SilCrumb composite are joined by the FlexSil bonding layer, characterised by flexible pressure transfer, ensuring an unbreakable hydraulic connection.

DuoProCeram hybrid panels are available in two thicknesses: 4 cm and 5 cm.
We recommend DuoProCeram four-centimetre-thick tiles (3 cm SilCrumb composite + 1 cm ceramic) for building terraces and walkways.

We designed the DuoProCeram 2Drive tiles with driveways in mind. The 2.0 ceramic tile and the 3 cm SilCrumb composite layer guarantee the proper strength and load resistance.

DuoProCeram hybrid tiles combine the best features of stoneware ceramic and composite. The top layer of DuoProCeram is a 9 mm thick ceramic tile, ensuring high performance and a modern, striking design. Safe use in all weather conditions is ensured by excellent slip resistance (R11).

Other noteworthy advantages are dirt resistance and ease of cleaning. The SilCrumb composite, which forms the bottom layer of DuoProCeram, increases the strength and life cycle of the tiles, providing a solid foundation and making installation easier. The two elements are joined by the innovative FlexSil bonding layer, which guarantees an unbreakable hydraulic connection, providing DuoProCeram terrace tiles with a high durability.

2Drive tiles, thanks to their innovative design, provide high load resistance, enabling you to create the visually appealing driveway of your dreams, fully in harmony with the complementary elements of Regent terrace systems. The two-centimetre-thick ceramic tile is not only exceptionally eye-catching, it is also dirt-resistant, easy to clean and has excellent slip resistance (R11), which increases safety of use regardless of weather conditions.

The sturdy SilCrumb composite base facilitates installation, ensuring the durability and strength of the driveway.

Thanks to the innovative FlexSil bonding layer, the combination of ceramic and composite is unbreakable, extending the life of the constructed driveway.

By choosing 2Drive tiles, you are opting for modern design and the highest performance.