discover chalcedonite


Chalcedonite, thanks to its origin (skeletons deposited in shallow seas during the Jurassic era), contains silica with a highly developed pore system. It is a highly reactive silica with a large specific surface area.

These physicochemical characteristics predispose chalcedonite to numerous applications in many sectors and industries. Analysis of the chemical composition indicates a significant content of silica and some amounts of oxides of calcium, magnesium, aluminium, iron and manganese.

Chalcedonite grit

2-10 mm

Chalcedonite grit

10-30 mm

Chemical composition of chalcedonite:

SiO2 94,35-99,54%
Al2O3 0,40-3,69%
Fe2O3 0,12-0,49%
CaO 0,01-0,10%
MgO 0,01-0,04%
K2O 0,06-0,42%
Na2O 0,06-0,42%
TiO2 0,06-0,42%

Physicochemical parameters of chalcedonite:

Parameter Unit Value
Specific density kg/m³ 2600
Bulk density kg/m³ 800-1000
Grain porosity % up to 30%
Absorbability % 4-10
Abrasiveness in the Micro-Deval testing machine MPa 60-120
Compressive strength % 6-15