DuoProStep stair treads

DuoProStep stair treads

When creating DuoProStep stair treads, we took care of the finest details. We wanted to offer a solution that draws on the highest design standards, ensuring visual coherence with the complementary elements of Regent terrace systems.

The result is ready-to-install, strikingly finished steps with which you can easily create the space of your dreams. DuoProStep stair treads are characterised by high durability and the excellent slip resistance (R11) of the ceramic tiles ensures safe use in all conditions.

The stain resistance and ease of cleaning facilitate the daily use of the terrace.

In our range you will find straight and corner stair treads.

DuoProStep corner stair treads are the perfect complement to straight stair treads, opening up new design possibilities.

The eye-catching design is fully consistent with the rest of the Regent terrace systems, guaranteeing a striking finish.

Top quality goes hand in hand with high performance, ensuring durability and safety in use.

Create a new dimension to your staircase by choosing the durability and unique style of our DuoProStep stair treads.

Straight stair tread scheme

Corner stair tread scheme