Active Cementitious Matrix Filler (ACMF)

ACMF is the base for the creation of high-value concrete mixtures. It is formed by milling selected chalcedonite aggregate using a high-pressure roller mill. Thanks to the unique aggregate milling technology, we guarantee a reproducible granulometric curve, which includes:

Fraction types:

Data sheets for all fractions issued on request.

ACMF 0-2 mm characteristics:

Bulk density 1100–1150 kg/m3
Stressed density 1250–1300 kg/m3
Humidity do 7%

Example recipe for SCC mix:

ACMF 0-2 mm 35%
Chalcedonite powder M10 2%
Cement CEM I 32%
Quartz sand 30%
Modifiers 1%

Characteristics of SCC mix:

Density 2100 kg/m3
Compressive strength (after 24 h) 50 MPa
Compressive strength (after 28 days) 110 MPa
Flexural strength (after 24 h) 9 MPa
Flexural strength (after 28 days) 14 MPa