Regent Terrace systems

An all-round solution for the home and garden

Regent Terrace Systems

It is the details that determine the final arrangement. Precisely chosen colours and modern design, as well as a striking finish, are the elements that make up a dream space that deserves to be called an asylum. Regent terrace systems allow you to create the terrace, driveway or walkway of your dreams, guaranteeing a stunning, consistent visual effect.

Thanks to our unique technology, we are able to offer a solution that combines the best features of stoneware and composite. Exceptional design, comfort of use, durability and intuitive installation are the distinguishing features of Regent terrace systems.

At the centre of Regent’s terrace systems are the four-centimetre-thick DuoProCeram tiles.

The ceramic porcelain stoneware tile is distinguished by its eye-catching design, providing an attractive finish to the designed space, and its glazed surface is highly durable, dirt-resistant and easy to clean.

The excellent slip resistance (R11) guarantees safety for users.

The FlexSil bonding layer is responsible for the unbreakable bond, which permanently connects the ceramic tile to the SilCrumb composite.

The bonding material is distinguished by its flexible pressure transfer, ensuring high adhesion regardless of weather conditions.

The SilCrumb composite is the underside of the DuoProCeram tile. This unique material is characterised by its durability, frost resistance and water permeability. The use of chalcedonite favourably influences the mechanical parameters, making it possible to build a durable terrace and driveway.

DuoProCeram 2Drive slabs are designed for the construction of elegant and durable driveways.

The SilCrumb composite and the two-centimetre-thick ceramic porcelain stoneware slab provide high strength and load resistance.

The striking design pleases the eye and maintains the visual integrity of the driveway and terrace.

DuoProStep stair treads

DuoProStep stair treads make it easy to build stairs leading to the terrace, guaranteeing high utility values and an aesthetic finish that is fully consistent with the complementary elements of Regent terrace systems.

The availability of straight and corner steps facilitates the work of designers and constructors, allowing the best possible use of the available space.

Terrace edges

Thanks to the hybrid boards dedicated to edging and a set of straight, corner and vertical mouldings, it is possible to give a striking finish to the designed space. The skirting boards dedicated to Regent terrace systems are durable and visually appealing, while the three colour variants make it possible to give the terrace an individual character.

Ceramic tiles 2.0

The two centimetre thick ceramic tile is a visually appealing and extremely durable solution for the terrace, which is ideal for everyday use. The appropriate anti-slip class (R11) ensures safe use in all weather conditions, and the glazed surface of the tile makes it easy to keep the terrace clean.

The full compatibility of the individual components of Regent terrace systems allows you to achieve the visual effect you dream of, perfectly harmonised with one another.

The wide range of design options and high performance parameters make it possible to create a delightful space around your home, complementing it perfectly.

Regent terrace systems are a comprehensive solution thanks to which you can create a relaxing space providing your household members with a moment of rest. It is a tribute to classic beauty that can be enjoyed every day.